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Dedication, Expertise, Flexibility, Short Deadlines, Lower Costs of Investment, Superior design


TERMOPROJEKT was established in 1993 as a private company located in Belgrade, operating in the building construction industry in the field of design, engineering and consulting.

We have been successfully developing our bussines for more than twenty years, being a reliable business partner who provides the best service to the customers. We operate both in Serbia and also abroad, in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russian Federation and Nigeria, with a tendency to spread without restriction to other prospective markets.

We offer to our clients quality and professional solutions, based on our experience and customers’ desires. Finally, a satisfied customer is our primary aim. Our team consists of competent, flexible and operational experts, professionally trained in major companies, who have a common aim of realising jobs in the field of architecture and design, all types of installations, technical support, professional supervision, project finance, studies, execution of works, on highest level possible. We are composing design documentation according to BIM design standards in the modern building construction industry, using advanced BIM solutions integrated in the software Autodesk Building Design Suite 2015.

We perform all types of installation work and possess all the necessary equipment, skilled and professional workers. Furthermore, we meet the agreed deadlines. Finally, we are highly experienced in the building construction industry, have excellent references and prove our expertise both at home and abroad, on multiple ocassions.

TERMOPROJEKT engages in architectural and civil design that spans from high structures with accompanying infrastructure, airport buildings, business and residential buildings, schools, industrial facilities and tourist resorts, as well as in activities necessary for effectuation of the corresponding investments.

We deal with managing investments in cooperation with local authorities, governmental agencies and private companies.

TERMOPROJEKT’s ambition is to become one of benchmark consultancy companies specialised in providing services and optimal solutions tailored to the clients’ needs and requirements.

TERMOPROJEKT as innovation oriented, is determined to monitor the trends in the industry development and improve in all aspects.

Our approach is to provide our clients with the insights and ability to monitor the overall process, from the initial idea of the solution, development and refinament of the project, engineering and monitoring, to its final phase.


TERMOPROJEKT’s architectural, engineering and technical consultancy team consists of experts experienced in the field of design and architectural and constructural craftwork, mechanical design of HVAC and supervision of HVAC installation, recognised beyond the home country for their work abroad, who hold licenses and certificates from both domestic and international organisations on:

  • • Solution conceptualization, development of conceptual and main designs and execute plans
  • • Interior design planning and execution
  • • Project monitoring throughout the phases from the feasibility study and conceptualization, to total design
  • • Intelligent architecture implementation (smart building, eco| solar house)
  • • Visual identity and advertising material design
  • • Corporate identity retail

In its planning and design undertakings STUDIO | ARCHITONIC & TERMOPROJEKT is devoted to adhering to the contracted time plans and milestones, and to implementation of contemporary approaches, knowledge, and technical/technological solutions which reflect its learning orientation and adaptation to emerging trends in the industry.


Our main characteristic is precisely synchronized planning, designing, executing and monitoring works. We offer:

  1. Conducting completely harmonised projects from conceptualisation of solutions in the initial phase, to their realisation through execution, furnishing, and engineering of civil works – monitorring the course of execution, management and engineering on the site .

  2. Proposal development procedure

  3. Preparation of tender documentation

  4. Evaluation of costs of constructioning, maintenance, and operation of the facilities

  5. Control of quality, budget, and term plans

  6. Engineering of civil works

  7. Deployment of FIDIC procedures for investments

  8. Creation of information infrastructure and systems

  9. Production of the documentation required by the relevant institutions, validated and verified by licensed engineers


TERMOPROJEKT support consists of several basic segments:

  1. The process of creating offers

  2. Preparation of tender documents

  3. Procurement of equipment and materials

  4. Maintenance and operation of the facility and insurance

  5. Real estate

  6. Marketing Services

  7. Design of corporate website

  8. Internet marketing