About Unidome

Based on more than 20 years of experience in the field of multi-axial voided slabs, Unidome have now developed the best concrete shapers for light reinforced concrete slabs. The Unidome concrete shapers help to save material such as concrete and reinforcement while at the same time increasing spans and reducing construction heights. All of this results in more sustainable, more comfortable and hence in cheaper buildings.

The UNIDOME technology unites the art of engineering, the understanding of the flow of forces, with the sustainable endeavor to use a minimum of material in the production of safe structures

Unidome concrete former consist of two halves, which in turn are available in different sizes. Before the concrete is laid, these are assembled into linear elements of any length using two simple reinforcing bars. 

Unidome means up to:
   35% weight reduction
   20% lower energy consumption
   20% less recessed reinforcement
   10% less slab thickness
   40% larger span
* compared to a solid slab
Benefits: reduced construction height, increased spans, increased construction durability, increased safety, increased comfort, accelerated construction process, reduced costs.

Sustainable construction with Unidome

Climate protection with Unidome

Reduction of concrete consumption and CO2 emission avoidance

Concrete is one of the most important construction materials in the world today. And yet concrete is also often described as a “climate killer”. The production of concrete requires cement, the production of this material is accompanied by a large energy consumption and a high emission of CO2. The worldwide cement production of a good four and a half billion tons per year today is associated with emissions of 2.8 billion tons of CO2. Therefore, at Unidome, we ask ourselves why we should use more material than necessary in the construction process. By scientifically analyzing the force flows of building components and using the resulting knowledge, we are able to develop the appropriate Unidome concrete former types for the particular structural component. This leads to the displacement of material exactly in those places where it is simply unnecessary Up to 40% concrete consumption and up to 20% reinforcing steel reinforcement can thus be saved. The reduction in their weight also makes it possible to realize thinner building structures. This reduces material consumption additionally. For example, one transport with Unidome XS-Hreplaces up to 48 trucks with concrete and thus avoids up to 60 tons of CO2 emissions

100% recikled plastic

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